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Executive Board

Adam Dallimore

Club President


Adam is a senior at Elon from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and as the President of the Real Estate Club, it is his duty to oversee all internal and external operations of the organization. His interest in real estate is rooted in his love for cities and passion for well designed live-work-play environments. Adam has completed internships with Farrell Building Company, Milwaukee Downtown BID #21, and with CBRE’s investment sales group in New York City. Adam wants to pursue real estate development after graduation.

Casey Torto

Vice President


Casey Torto is a senior from Melrose, Massachusetts majoring in Finance. Casey has worked numerous internships, including property management at UDR and Investment Sales at CBRE | New England. Casey is interested in finding a career in brokerage after graduation and hopes to live in Boston or New York City.


Conor McVeigh

Educational Chair


Conor McVeigh is a senior at Elon University from Chapel Hill, NC. He has completed an internship with Stout in their commercial litigation and intellectual property dispute consulting group in Washington D.C. After graduation he hopes to pursue a career in commercial real estate brokerage.

Margarita Kapreilyan Ph.D.

Faculty Advisor

Colin Natale

Recruitment Chair


Colin Natale is a senior at Elon University from Boston, Massachusetts. Colin completed a 10 week internship program at Real Estate Research Consultants in North Andover, Massachusetts. As Recruitment Chair, it is his duty to add value to members by promoting our various club resources and events, including the club website. He hopes to persue a career in commercial real estate after graduation.

Angelo Boone

Events Chairman

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 1.53.22 PM.png

Angelo Boone is a junior at Elon from Nashville TN. As Events Chairman, his responsibilities include coordinating events that engage club members with hands-on real estate experiences, and developing the club's network or real estate professionals. Angelo had an internship in San Fransisco with Knotel, a company that provides and agile HQ platform to companies by taking on long term leases and granting those businesses much more flexible terms. He is searching to get into real estate investing, and hopes to follow that path into a career.

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